Yes, as in Thank God It's Monday and I'm finally finding time to pop up a quick post. Things continue to be crazy busy in my world (best quote from one of the kids in the midst of a shot for last week's HUGE photoshoot for Canadian Family's summer issue - "I need to go poo!").

Anyways, enough of that, how about some of this??? I was hunting for rugs designed by Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild and this happened to pop up instead and has suddenly become my latest design crush - The Dot-Grid Printed Cotton Mat by West Elm. Seriously, what's not to love?


Brief, colourful and pixelated

Sheesh, I'm having two short weeks in a row, what with the ICFF last week and the just-happened long weekend. At least we got the planting done on our back yard vegetable beds (I can't wait to check out the Tigerella tomatoes!), but other work beckons so I'll keep this brief - What are your thoughts on pixels? And, for that matter, fractal patterns? Have we all had enough, or, is this all still - to quote Martha - a good thing? I don't know about you, but I could totally work the brand spanking new Cristian Zuzunaga for Nanimarquina hand-knotted wool Digit rug into my place at a moment's notice...

Spot vs. Rug, Spot wins

The living room rug is a gonner. We had a major attack of the chewing puppy, both yesterday and the day before. Is Spot trying to tell us something (other than the fact he thinks it's fun)? On the first day it looked a bit like a map of Cyprus, and then he finished up yesterday by re-working it into a Mickey Mouse hat (y'know, the one with the ears). Take a look at the blurry cell phone shot below, turn your head 90 degrees anti-clockwise and squint a little. Do you see what I mean?

So, we're going to have to get a replacement rug and I'm thinking that Flor carpet tiles are the perfect solution. Seriously, if he decides to go to town on a particular square we can just pop it out and replace it - And wait patiently for him to get through this chewing phase. He's a perfect chap otherwise, and from what we hear at the dog park we should be lucky he doesn't have a passion for cell phones, remote controls and underwear. That second snap is the Flor carpet that we're considering which, hilariously enough, is a houndstooth pattern called All Bark and No Bite...