Vintage goldmine

On Sunday I headed cross border with a couple of friends to hit a fantastic junky 4th of July outdoor antique market in upstate New York. Hello, did we ever do well, and no, before you ask, I cannot reveal the exact destination since it was a complete goldmine of great stuff at crazypants prices (if I told you I would definitely be hung, drawn and quatered). Here's a few shots of what we ended up with, as well as the one that got away...

These mirrored vintage bulbs will look amazing in a shadow box, or individually set on little wood block stands. When the guy said "$5 each. or $20 for the box" they were immediately snapped up. Oh those flags. You can't really tell, but each one is hand sewn and gorgeously aged. One of my friends bought 3 (they were $5 each), and then we bugged her until she went back and bought a big pile of them to sit pretty in a tall vase. Here's the one that got away, 'cos we didn't have the room or the need - a lovely beaten up black and gold dresser, with mirror, that was tagged at $40 (I just hope it went to a good home!).

Then here's what I dragged home - I paid $2 for this cool little Charlie Chocks advertising doll from the '70's, that's now found a spot on a white dresser, and (okay, this a bit of an odd one) an acrylic portrait on canvas that was a score at $10 which, bizarrely, looks like me as a teen, right down to the floppy Hugh Grant hair and the dweeby glasses.