Digging for victory

The garden is slowly being tamed. David started clearing out the junk on one of the first warm days a couple of weeks ago, digging out a fair few concrete blocks and bricks, lots and lots of bricks. We set to work again yesterday, removing the remainder of the bricks from what appears was once a pathway that ran right through the centre of the yard. Over the years we're guessing it had kinda sunk and ended up a couple of inches below the surface. Next up, we'll be bringing in the heavy equipment, a rototiller, to give the soil a going over before we seed with Eco-Lawn (a low maintenance, drought tolerant grass). Then with more heavy equipment, courtesy of David's dad, we'll be cutting the metal fence poles and removing the very tatty chain link fence. One step a time (lol), and hopefully the local woodchuck, who was sunning himself in the garden the other day, will approve.

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