guest blog / Julia Black: Personally cute

Every once and a while, well maybe more often then I like to admit, I tap into my inner child and look for fun ways to impress my three gorgeous little nieces. If I’m not on top of what's playing on Treehouse channel or covered in sparkles then I’m just another boring adult, so when I came across Em Tanner Designs and her super cute work I knew it could make me the best auntie ever! Em has created a magnificent little world that delivers a crazy, bright and lighthearted sense of style, whether it be colorful plates, lunchboxes, aprons, beach towels, iPhone cases (love those polka dots!!!) or even laundry bags you can shop her designs then completely personalize whatever you pick to make them your own and - yay - they will ship anywhere in the world! If that isn't enough, Em's fun-filled website offers family-tested recipes, downloadable wallpapers, and coupons and giveaways galore. So whether you’re trying to make a lasting impression on the little ones in your life or are searching for a special holiday gift, Ms. Tanner has definitely has got you covered.