Should they stay, or...

Should they go? Yes, they're awfully nutty, in fact, irresistably so - I scored a whole tea set (sadly, without the tea pot) the other day when I stopped in at  Value Village. 4 mugs, 4 side plates, plus a cream and sugar, and all shockingly 1980's and Post Modern looking. The pattern is called Clouds and was designed by Fujimori for Japanese firm Kato Kogei, yep, in the mid-80's sometime. The colour combo of sugary pink, grey and black is such a hilarious throwback to a time that style forgot, but really, should I keep them or should they head to eBay? And if they stay, will I think of Duran Duran every time I have a cup of coffee?

Ummm, is it art?

David said the magic words this weekend, "Lets go vintage shopping." So we headed off with an empty car and, in a couple of hours, managed to hit three Goodwills, two Value Villages, two pretty dodgy fleamarkets and a Talize. Alack and alas, the vintage gods weren't with us. I have a specific shopping list in mind for the house - a long dresser, ceiling fixtures and dining chairs - and managed to come up empty handed except, ummm, for the clown pictured below.

Yep, it's a Paint by Numbers, and at $4.99 I totally couldn't pass it up. Does it creep you out? People either love or hate clowns (and Paint by Numbers, lol, though they're becoming increasingly collectible). The clown is pictured with a framed needlepoint, another cheapy-yet-cool recent find from my fave local Goodwill. Both will eventually find themselves hanging on a gallery wall that we're planning, but really, I have to get back on track with the gear we actually need!

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