Monday is Tuesday

Ahhh, the bite of a long weekend. Tons of time to hang with friends and wander about in a warm-weather daze, and then bam; Tuesday hits and we're all pointing our noses back at the grindstone. Blurgh, is all I can say to that.

Saw these while noodling through one of the many design sites I check out, and, well, my jaw dropped. Is it the black, the beautifully styled shots, or is it the fact that they look tufted? No matter, they're darned delicious. I have quite the thing for tufting and managed to score a tufted white ceramic stool the other day for the bathroom (from HomeSense) so, when I saw these, I couldn't resist posting them. Rex Ceramiche Artistiche is the company behind the tiles. They're called Capitonné - which is actually the technical term for button tufting - and come in 14 colours including both a matte and glossy finish. Yum.