5 quick questions: Munge Leung and Charles Khabouth

So, the Ultimate space that designers Munge Leung and Charles Khabouth of Ink Entertainment are collaborating on for the IDS is quite the showstopper. I've had a sneaky look during construction and I can't wait to see it finished, especially since I've heard it'll launch their latest venture - a swish hotel/condo project. Now, this isn't the first time these guys have worked together, within the past year they've made a splash with Ame, the swanky re-do of the Rubino brother's famed Rain restaurant, as well as Ultra (yep, the one with the chickens, more here), and have even re-done Khabouth's own condo.

So, to get a slightly more in-depth take at what's going on I cornered both Charles Khabouth and Alessandro Munge, one half of ML, and asked them 5 quick questions. The first two snaps shows what's what inside Ame (the cocktails are stellar btw), the third is a peek inside Khabouth's condo.[Image: Condo interior, National Post. Portrait,  Arash Moallemi/IDS]

Arren Williams: What's inspiring you right now?

Charles Khabouth: My recent trip to paris, France.

Alessandro Munge: My travels!

AW: Is there anything that can drive you crazy when you walk into a space?

CK: Bad lighting or an unwelcoming/unfriendly host.

AM: Low ceiling heights and no natural light.

AW: What's the next thing you have your eyes on for your own house?

CK: Art.

AM: Art, and lots of it.

AW: How would you describe your style - personal or design - and has it changed over the years?

CK: I want to say that my look is simple and edgy, though I’ve stopped trying hard to look my best because I just don’t have a lot of time. Now I just wear what’s simple and comfortable – and the result is actually my best look yet.

AM: Eclectic. Timeless. Modern.

AW: What's next on the horizon?

CK: I have four serious projects on the horizon in the near future – but the most prominent and exciting for me right now is a residence and hotel development in the heart of Toronto that will be the launch of a new brand. This brand will represent the ultimate lifestyle in design, comfort, amenities and access.

AM: 5-star hotels worldwide!