White, no noise

I know it's a Sunday, but what the hey, inspiration struck and I decided to snap a vignette I threw together before we head out en famille to enjoy Woofstock.

That 1984 LA Olympics poster was a fantastic find at last week's neighbourhood yard sale (thx again Brenda for pointing it out!), and both the kooky Sgrafo Modern vase and Howard Miller gold clock are perennial faves too. But, it's the Dyson Air Multiplier that I'm totally counting on as the weather heats up. Yep, it's a fan, but apart from the incredibly sleek bladeless design I love the fact that a) it's way more attractive than the ugly old black fan we used to have hanging around, and b) it's way quieter than the ugly old black fan we used to have hanging around.

Form meets function and keeps you cool - What could be better than that?

Hair meets tech

Hmmm, I saw this in the UK at the Conran Shop and was intrigued. It's one of Dyson's latest gizmos, a self-cleaning dog grooming attachment for your vacuum that can tackle long and medium-haired dogs. The Groom Tool is now available online in Canada, so if you've got a 4-legged shedder in the house - though it won't work on our pup Spot since he's short haired - it might be something worth grabbing. Oh, and the video? It's a cute/gross look at why you might need one...