Snaps of Christmas past

Happy Hols to one and all! Below you'll see a few shots from a Holiday feature I did a few years back with Donna Griffith for Flare Magazine. I still love the mix of vintage and new pieces and thought it would be a nice send off before all the festivities begin. Looking through the shots reminded me that the silver angel's wing, in the pic with the chair, was a flimsy piece of a Halloween costume that I found sitting forlornly on a shelf at Value Village and saved to use one day (wish I knew where it was now!). Oh, and to see more of Donna's beautiful work, click here.

Galliano rocks a tree

Ah yes, time for a bit of glamour. I don't know about you, but a good dose of something spectacular is just the kind of kick in the pants I need. And today's inspirational kick is courtesy of fashion designer extraordinaire John Galliano, who created his version of a Christmas tree without an evergreen twig in sight. Instead Galliano's tree is smothered in orchids, butterflies and a rather chic leopard, all fashioned from papier-mache and inspired by the Orientalist vibe of his Fall/Winter '09 collection for Dior. If you'd like to take a gander at the tree you'll have to stop by Claridge's hotel in London, where it'll be on display until Jan 6th. Looking around for snaps of the project I discovered Galliano's original sketch, which gives a lovely peep inside the creative process, and just had to include too. Oh, and I have to thank Laird for the tip on this! Via Bornrich.