Gone to pot (coffee and tea)

I am an inveterate collector so parting with anything is always difficult, but with an upcoming Street Sale that we're participating in, part with things I must. Unpacking boxes the other day I came across, ahem, close to a dozen coffee and tea pots that I had picked up as far afield as a car boot sale in London and the mondo Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts. Some of them, very sadly, will have to go in the sale, so discovering the beautiful coffee sets below from Sargadelos absolutely perked me up. After all, if I get rid of quite a few wouldn't we have room for one or two of these lovelies? And would it be totally off to try and convince David that we have to go on vacation to Spain just so we could at least check them out. I'm only (half) joking on that last part...

First up is Concha which has a wonderfully surreal quality, next is F-73 which has a sweet leaf motif. Monteferico feels very cool and odd with that strange bird-like handle, Portomarinica is possibly my absolute favourite (and available through the Conran Shop in NYC), and finally Pomba; which has such a sensually curved 60's vibe to it. Click here for worldwide availability, though sadly no one in Canada currently stocks the line, and click here to see the rest of the Sargadelos collections.


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