California dreaming

Right about now, at the tail end of winter, I'm at my wits end with the cold and the grey and my dreams turn wistfully to California. I'll noodle through real estate websites and find Palm Springs gems like this and this that I've been trying to talk friends into buying. Then reality sets in, and the sun - thankfully - comes out.

But it's good to dream, and it's extra good to dream on a blurry post-Oscars® Monday morning. So, when I found this gorgeous Santa Monica home splashed across the glossy pages of the LA Times Magazine, I knew I had to share. The home is owned by photographer Dewey Nicks and was designed with a nod to mid-century California style by architect Barbara Bestor. The interiors are smashing, and shake together kid-friendy glamour with a keen vintage eye by designer Paul Fortune. Maybe the Nicks family needs a pool boy?


Hey, where did the shots go??? Well, I got a rather nasty legalese e-mail regarding copyright infringement, so they just had to come down. Sucks, huh? And the first time that I've ever been asked to do that too! In the meantime I'll be checking in with the Barbara Bestor to see if she has any shots available (check out the rest of her firm's portfolio here, it's brill). If you fancy scoping out the original LA Times article, click here.