Laundry Love

So, I have to admit, while pulling together Style Scout for Saturday's National Post - all about the sudsy world of washers and dryers - I ended up shopping for our new laundry room. Sleek design, smarty-pants features, seductive colours and of course energy efficiency and water conservation all came in to play.

It really was love at first sight with the just launched GE Profile SmartDispense laundry pair. Their SmartDispense dishwasher had caught my eye a while back (read a TreeHugger review here) - and this new washer is just as jammy: it only needs to be topped-up with soap every 6 months. Add in Stain Inspector to take care of everything from grape juice to motor oil, and CleanSpeak, which lets the pair 'communicate' to seamlessly figure out how best to dry a load, and you have a winning combo. And finally, by switching out an old top loader for this Energy Star darling you'll save up to 14,000 gallons of water a year (that's like 3,000 showers). Need I say more?