Tick tock

Fonts, lettering and any kind of graphic layout just always get my attention when it comes to design. Back in my teens I had to choose between graphics and fashion - I chose fashion (fool!) and now look where I am, lol. Our old place had a few great graphic pieces that always got lots of attention, like the Last Night A DJ artwork that hung above the fireplace (take a look here). I guess the graphic thing runs in the family; my brother is head of Typography & Design at a top London ad firm (thanks again Christian for the sweet logo design you did for the blog!). He's also responsible for buying us the Last Night A DJ print as well as some other great pieces he's found for us over the years, hmmm, perhaps he should consider a second career as an art adviser?

The pic below shows a very modern take on an old fashioned flip-style digital clock that has a scattershot approach with lots of different fonts. The Font Clock is from Established & Sons, an ultra edgy Brit firm, and is designed by Sebastian Wrong. In Toronto check out Ministry of the Interior, they carry the line, as well as a mondo selection of other interesting gear.